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04 Sep

With the advent of science and technology, web industry evolved along with the upbringing of internet advancements. Web Industry initially offered information with no feedback entertainment at user’s end. Thus initially its Web 1.0 that comprises of wikipedia typed informatory content. Proprietary content with references of static web pages in the form of hyperlinks is the basic concept of Web 1.0.

One of the major advancement in the Web Industry was noticed as the interactive web where the Content Management Systems were introduced with posts and comments section. Web socialization is the Web 2.0 that leads to the development of the social media websites like facebook, twitter, orkut etc. Concept of user reputation and profiling get strengthened with the evolution of Web 2.0. The interesting insight of this Web 2.0 is the leading edge in web industry in terms of employment opportunities for marketing and development sectors. Keeping the technical achievements at one side, one cannot just ignore the maturity of thought and open discussions forums offered by Web 2.0. Either be it an article on political changes or a video depicting the social issues, Web 2.0 opens the gate of discussions, comments and critical feedback.

Too much information bombardment in Web 2.0 asks for efficient data processing and data linkage. Web of data or Semantic Web leads to Web 3.0 where the data is referenced with data instead of huge paged content. Googling “Date of birth of Tayyab Erdogan” answers a block containing “February 26, 1954 (age 60 years)” – this is what Web 3.0 offers. User simply need not go through pages and pages to get the answer of single query. The ontologies based web is there to do it for users.

Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are not just technological advancements but they do have a deep impact on the thinking and socializing behavior of the users thus leading to mature and expressive user groups.

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