Express Your Theme in WordPress

14 Oct
WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) providing with blogging services like posts, comments, image galleries, video uploaders, zipping database or extracting files etc. Developed in open source programming language PHP, it offers with number of built in functionalities. Free hosting services are also offered by the host by simply registering the blog and accessing it through wordpress specific unique reference link. Free blog offers with limited set of functionalities like categorizing the posts and managing comments. In order to modify the blog in terms of fulfilling the cause, one has to buy a domain for customization services.
Wordpress can be extended by two ways; either by customizing the functionalities or by modifying the interface or design. Hook architecture is followed in wordpress for customization purpose in order to keeping the code clean, maintained and reusable. Thus it offers a way to modify the functionalities without messing up with the core code of wordpress. For wordpress customization, plugins (modifying the functionality) and theme or template (modifying the interface) is used.
How to display the WordPress site to the users and to the web world, templates are there to meet the purpose. HTML code is generated in the template files by fetching the information from the MySQL Database of the WordPress package and then displaying it in web browser. In single theme, wordpress facilitate the definition of number of templates. Calling pattern and usage of the template is defined in the configuration file.
Wordpress community has contributed a lot by providing the free themes of variable layout with classic color schemes. Click here to download number of unique wordpress themes like Pinboard, Responsive, Esquire, Buttercream, Toolbox, Montezuma, Patchwork, News, Annotum Base, Easel, PageLines etc. Any of the freely available themes can be used by simply downloading and installing the theme and then to explore it with the help of number of articles available.
Varity of learner articles are available at wordpress official site demonstrating the basics like Theme Usage (providing the basic guidelines for installing and using template and themes), Themes Migration (Whenever there is an up gradation by the theme developer or an up gradation in theme version due to the change in wordpress new version, there comes compatibility issues addressed by the theme up gradration tutorials), Developing your own theme (If the available freeware themes are not meeting your need, then you can design and develop your own theme from scratch), Theme Frameworks (Theme inheritance is also supported by wordpress in a way to create a parent theme with overlapping functionalities and then to specify differentiating functionalities in child theme files), Admin theme creation (Admin section i.e. dashboard can be managed by separate theme structure), Theme Compatibility list (Some of the themes are generalize enough to work with all wordpress versions, remaining themes having compatibility issues can be checked by the compatibility list provided) and finally the Theme Review (Submission to the directory handling themes and public release preparation can be learned by the theme review tutorials).
How you find expressing your theme in wordpress?
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