New Nexus smartphone due and people are standing in waiting queue

05 Oct

Got one fantastic device, now waiting for another one with more astonishing features? Yes, it’s natural. Same happens with the Samsung users. Last year Google released its Nexus smartphone that is Samsung Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250. Since then rumors were subsiding for New Nexus smartphone but Alas rumors are still rumors and people are desperately standing in the queue to have the first sight of that unseen. Numbers of possibilities are depicted in the rumors, and the most convincing one was that the Samsung is launching follow up version with much extensions named Galaxy Nexus 2, let’s see who will win the award of making most accurate picture of the unseen.

New Nexus smartphone is due since the release of Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250. Something about the naming conventions of Samsung smartphones and tablets is here to build a name for New Nexus smartphone. Model numbers are used in Samsung sets instead of code-names for their tablets and smartphones. The existing Galaxy Nexus was GT-i9250, though latest devices like the Galaxy S (i9000), SII (i9100), and SIII (i9300) are following the same manner in their naming criteria.
A device – New Nexus smartphone – with the code Samsung GT-i9260 has appeared in some EXIF data photos, supporting its conventions to be the follower of earlier updates being i9250, i9000, i9100 and i9300. Fresh rumors have more refined research as per the features listing of New Nexus smartphone. Rumors suggested the New Nexus smartphone would astound the very 4.65-inch HD Great AMOLED display screen, but with an improved camera will get an increase in all the dimensions, twice over the RAM to 2GB, increasing battery capacity and finally the vital part of it, yes it’s faster dual or quad-core processor. Isn’t it sound to be too generic set of features? But the potential benefit of such a generic guess is that the person will never lose a bet. Well, interesting it is. It’s good to enjoy ridiculous pile of rumors, speculation and leaks in the way to see the final – New Nexus smartphone.
New Nexus smartphone haven’t received any solid technical words from the officials about its specifications and naming confirmation but people are curious enough that some desperate souls have leaked the specification sheet and camera details of New Nexus smartphone for his or her other awaiting fellows. Confusions are there on the exact name of the New Nexus smartphone and some reports in the Journal of Wall Street suggest that most probably there is a series or a bunch of many New Nexus smartphones in this year and the year is about to end soon.
And it’s October. The same month that brings Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 last year. Stay tune, there is much more good to come about New Nexus smartphones!


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